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Local pool brings kudos to architect
     Story by
    Shannon Greene

LAKE WYLIE -- A local lakefront pool is earning its builder national recognition.
Charlottean Rod Worthington will receive an international award Thursday for a pool he helped design and build on Lake Wylie. The pool, located at the River Hills Plantation home of Tom and Elizabeth Carlisle, features a vanishing edge that gives the illusion that it flows into the lake. Other highlights include a boulder diving board, a giant raised spa that flows into the pool and a built-in stereo system.
 retired architect who designed the Discovery Place shark tank and much of Asheboro zoo’s rocky landscape. The self-cleaning pool has a black bottom so the water looks more natural and matches the lake in the pool’s background. Boaters on Lake Wylie can see the 28-foot vanishing edge that spills over a 16-foot rock wall into a lower level pool to resemble a steaming waterfall.
Worthington will travel to Texas this week to attend the 2002 International Pool and Spa Expo in Dallas.
Although he knows his will be recognized with an award, he doesn’t know if the pool will take gold, silver or
“We wanted a fun setting that promotes staying Rod Worthington sits along the side of the award-winning River Hills pool he created.   bronze honors. “It really is exciting to be recognized
outside during the summer,,” Carlisle said, adding that he wanted to avoid the typical pool setting. Carlisle, Worthington and an architect all worked together on the pool’s design. It started out as a simple pool in a natural setting but then grew into something that resembled an Oceanside resort. “We started thinking and making all these additions to make it more unique.” Carlisle said.
Worthington said he had never built anything as extravagant as the Carlisle’s pool, but he was happy to tackle the challenge. “This is definitely one of the most intricate pools I’ve ever
 created, especially in terms of technical difficulty,” Worthington said.
It took Worthington and his crew from Artesian Pools, Inc. more than six months to complete the pool, which is 10-feet deep and 58-feet long and
overlooks Sunrise Point. It’s surrounded by giant boulders that were brought in by the
 though,” he said. “North Carolina pools don’t usually get international attention. I mean, we’re up against ocean-front Hollywood homes and mountain-view vanishing pools.”
Worthington is the owner of Artesian Pools, Inc. near Steele Creek. He can be reached at (704) 504-3224.

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