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“We wanted to see what would work on a hill, in front of the house. With that in mind we came up with a retaining wall…. (And) you might have water going over it….”

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It matters not whether Tom Carlisle is out on his deck on Lake Wylie. Passers-by hail him even if he’s indoors. Boaters swing by, honk their horns and yell, “Turn n the waterfall!”
Carlisle obliges.
Water from his pool slips over the lip of a 16-foot –high rock wall and flows down as if it’s tumbling into the lake.
Even neighbors across the lake from his River Hills house, who see the pool regularly, enjoy the dramatic show. Come over and see it from this side, they say to Carlisle and his wife, Elizabeth. And Artesian Pools of Charlotte, which built the pool, last year won a silver plaque in the “vanishing edge” category, in international competition sponsored by the National Spa and Pool Institute.
If you’re viewing the pool from the Carlisle home of from boats on the lake, water spilling over the lip obscures the lip, thus a vanishing edge. After the water falls into a smaller pool, it’s pumped up through the filter system and the process continues.
The pool was the second one that Rod Worthington of Artesian Pools built for the Carlisle family.
“We wanted it long enough to use as a lap pool’” Tom Carlisle said. “We wanted to see what would work on a hill, in front of the house (lakeside)….With that in mind we
Unique pool draws oohs, ahs
Vanishing from 1E
Came up with a retaining wall…. (And) you might have water going over it….
“We’d suggest what we wanted, and hen he (Worthington) would listen to us. He was great to work with.”
Carlisle had seen vanishing-edge pools in Mexico and California and urged Worthington to enter the contest. Worthington completed the 24-by-58 foot pool in 2000, but didn’t enter until last year.
“There were more than 100 entries in my category, ‘vanishing edge’ from all over the world” Worthington said. “I entered five color photos, which I took with my Kodak camera. I enlarged them to 8-by-12 prints on my computer. In my 27 years of business. Designing and building hundreds of pools, this one is the most unique.” Assisting in the design were Dwight Holland, an Asheboro artist and rock
sculptor, and Mike Novik, a Charlotte-area home designer.
The steep lot was challenging, with its sharp drop-off to the lake. Now it’s enhanced with huge boulders (real and artificial). “We brought in 34 truckloads of rock for the base,” Worthington said. When the Carlisles moved into their renovated contemporary stucco home in River Hills the site of the pool was sparsely planted with bushes.
Now’ the landscape is dotted with smaller trees, perennial plantings, rhododendron and azaleas. On either side of the four-bedroom house is a common area of natural woodlands, providing seasonal color and privacy. Carlisle said the pool area is the center of the family’s outdoor living. The loggia, more than 40 feet long, includes comfortable outdoor seating, plus built-in stainless
grill, sink, refrigerator and ice maker. There’s a separate cabana with vaulted natural wood ceiling over a three-sided bar.
There’s an outdoor fireplace near the jetted spa, from which water flows into the pool.
Two of the smaller “boulders” built into the rock wall hide speakers that are connected to the home’s communications system.
The Carlisles’ children, Lindsay, 14 and Clay, 12 swim almost every day until November. (The pool is heated.) The Carlisles have entertained as many as 500 people on the pool deck. “We really enjoy it out here,” Carlisle said.

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